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Adobe Design Achievement Awards, 2012

Mann Ke Pankh Success Story

“Mann Ke Pankh” ( Wings of mind ) was our third short film. This film was shot during the final semester break time of graduation period in Bangalore.

It all started when Aanal and Manu were discussing different ideas to be made into a film. We used to talk about concepts while going to the college. So, on one fine day while coming back from college, Manu saw something that immediately got into his mind, “ A kid playing with an old tyre by rolling it over with a stick, suddenly, another person came speeding in a cycle and went off “. This incident took Manu to his childhood days. Then slowly we were thinking about the unending needs of every human, which we related to the incident. And in this particular stage, “Mann Ke Pankh” was born.

After this, proper planning and discussions helped in writing the rough script for the story.
Storyboards were drawn to visualize each scene shot by shot. Then we thought of the
second part for the story and ended up in the “Dream Sequence”. Then, after all the ideas were put together, the final screenplay was written.

The film was shot in a Judicial colony at Bangalore. The location was decided after proper research and frequent scouts to this place. We had built a Dolly/track for the use of 2 shots in the film. We had different experiences during the shoot, a person from no where coming and enquiring about whether we had taken permission for the shoot and so on.

We finished the shooting in a week’s time. Then we started with the post-productions stage where we realized that few shots have to be retaken.

Finally, finished with the post by exporting the file. The film was later sent for various film festivals, out of which the below mentioned are the list of awards this film won.

Awards and Achievements

Recognition at the Goa International Film Festival, 2011 ( IFFI, 2011 )
Winner for the Best Cinematography at KAOLIN Film Fest, 2012
Holding a semi-finalist position at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, 2012

The film has gone to various regional offices of Adobe for exclusive promotion and exhibition.

Goa International Film Festival, 2011

International Film Festival of India, 2011


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