This is a music video production of Temet Nosce`s hit “Change can only begin with yourself”.
Espen Olsen and Temet Nosce have done several productions together earlier.
For this particular track Espen Olsen contacted filmmakers from all over the world via Facebook, resulting in a cooperation project between 24 filmmakers from 16 different countries.
All of the filmmakers got the chance to interpretate both the lyrics and music of this track so that they could bring their own story into pictures.

Directed, produced and edited by: Espen OIsen
performance shot by: Espen Olsen
video from around the world shot by:
Nixon Contreras PĂ©rez – Columbia
Maggie Olkuska – Denmark and Poland
James White – England
Nick Starwind – England
Paul Hubber – England


Binny Manikoth – India
Rohit Ajitkumar – India
Arjun Krishna – India
Aanal Kumar – India
Manu Balakrishnan – India

Cay Roe – Ireland
Fabio Schifilliti – Italy
Et Cetera inc. – Kenya
Jesus Montero – Mexico
Koen Van Herk – Netherland
Sultan Khalfan – Oman
Bryan Bigler – Switzerland
Nuno Almeida – Switzerland
Jan Luthman – Thailand
Samuel Jules – Turks and Caicos
Ian Mark Kimanje – Uganda
David Damen // – USA
Phillip Escott – Wales

Temet Nosce
Vidar Stueland – Vocals
Roy Kling – Guitar
Christian Velde – Piano
Leif Helge Olsen – Drums
Terje Fjell – Bass

“HIRED @ 9” from B R A M on Vimeo.

World has changed, civilisations have developed. Powers have shifted, growth has been inevitable. But some things never change.

Here’s an abstract presentation about a child, whose childhood was stolen away.

Live & Loud – Teaser Video from B R A M on Vimeo.

BMW Presents AVIAL live ‘n’ loud on the 26th of May at Durbar Hall (Casino Hotel).

*Baiju Dharmarajan, The God of Small Strings (Motherjane, The Diwarists Fame)
*Anna & Zack
*Bhasi & Friends
*Tuhin Goswami



*Merchants of Groove – DJ Sekhar & Nash. Producers of the official remixes of Avial’s Annakallan & Ayyo.
Ram Nair Official Kingfisher Ultra DJ of the year producer of the official 22 Female Kottayam track & vinEEth K Producer of the official remix of 22 Female Kottayam

Tickets available at Pandhal Cakeshop outlets at Panampilly Nagar, Kaloor Kadvanthra Road & Vazhakala

Event brought to you by Forum Entertainment and Casino Hotel.

A short promotional film done for Kochivibe by Bram

Music by : Ifthikar Ali –

“MANN KE PANKH”….a story of a simple boy and his wishes, story of every human and his never ending needs. This is our second film shot on Canon 7D. We faced many challenges while shooting, but overcame all those situations which helped us in learning more about the technical aspects of film making.

We also applied few techniques on the technical side for this film.

All are welcome to criticize and comment.


A young boy who sells newspaper, one fine day distributes sweets, to every home he goes to give paper to. But nobody knows why?

Its about how people remember their country only for one single day and forget for the rest of the year.

Our “FROZEN MOVEMENTS” KRIYA VIEWS….A compilation of photographs done for the exhibitions held at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.


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